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What are we learning

Welcome to our P4/5 Page, here are some of the fun activities we have been doing.....

September / October

What are we Learning this half term?


This month in Literacy lessons the pupils will be very busy

The P4 and P5 will be writing short stories based on familiar settings. We are writing a story about a beach adventure and a story that is set on a farm. We are also learning about speech marks so our characters can say stuff in the stories.

The pupils will distinguish between fiction and Nonfiction books and we will be using a dictionary to help find the meanings of words.

The pupils will develop their spelling skills by Learning the spelling rule to adding –ing to a word. Primary 4 pupils will be using common prefixes like un and dis to make new words

Class novel for this term is the wonderful George’s Marvellous Medicine.


Pupils will-

Shape and Space

Learn about 2d Shape and the properties of quadrilaterals

Data Handling.

Display and read information from simple tally charts.


Read the time to the five minutes (p4)

Read the time to the minute (P5)


Primary 4 and 5 will be completing a lot of work on place value.


A letter Home.

In Primary 4 and 5 we have been learning about World War 2. In this week’s lesson we pretended to be Evacuees and we had to write a letter home. To make the letters look old we dipped them in tea and dried them on the radiators. Barry won’t be happy when he sees all the tea stains !!!

A visit from the Fire Brigade.

Fireman Brian visited our class to talk to the Primary 4 and 5 pupils about fire safety in the home. The children were told how to keep safe, when to test their smoke alarms and a lot of other interesting facts about safety issues around the house.

Light Fantastic!!

We have been investigating light sources . We have discovered what is transparent and translucent . We have worked in groups to test a variety of materials to see if light passes through . In addition we have investigated how to make shadows . We have discovered shadows can be long or short . We even made shadow puppets !!! Check out our photos on the gallery!!!


This month we spent a day with Jennifer an expert in Animation from the NERVE Centre , Belfast . She helped us to create movies using the apps " I Motion"  and " I Movie" . Using a variety of toys and backdrops we created , we were able to films based on the theme " Safety On The Farm". Check out our photos in the class gallery!!!



What are we Learning this month?

This month we have been working very hard in number lessons. We have been learning all about 3D shapes. P5 pupils have been looking at the properties of 3D shapes. We have counted the edges and the corners. The corners are sometimes called “Vertices” P4 have been naming common 3D shapes and sorting them.

In literacy lessons we have been writing recounts and trying hard to spell the past tense verbs. We also have been writing Christmas stories for P1/2 audience. We have tried hard to include speech marks and commas in our writing. P5 pupils wrote their story with clearly defined speech marks.

In the WAU we have continued our work on WW2 and completed our short animation on “Evacuees” . This work was completed in collaboration with our partner school – Newcastle PS. Check out our photos on the Shared Education tab !!!

The highlight of the month was of course our wonderful Christmas Show “ Pied Piper” ! To the delighted of the audience , we gave a fantastic performance with lots of song , dance action and laughs !


January / February 2019

Going out in stile!

In Primary 4 and 5 we have been learning about adjectives. Adjectives are amazing and we have really enjoyed using them in all our writing activities. We created an adjective alphabet which was really fun and everyone completed the “Stile” adjective activities that demonstrated that we really know a lot about awesome adjectives.


Have you ever wondered how tall something is? Well in Primary 4 and 5 we have been thinking of many questions about length. How tall is the tallest man ever to have lived? How tall is the highest high jump? How tall is one of Mr Mc Veigh’s Tall stories? Well now we have all the answers, well nearly. We have been out and about learning about measuring. Primary 4 got out of the classroom and used 50cm measures or ½ metre measures and Primary 5 used 25cm or ¼ measures. We checked the length of everything and had a wonderful time in the process.

Oh and in case you are wondering, the tallest man ever to have lived was 2.72 metres tall. That’s the same height as Mr Mc Veigh with a metre stick on his head. Mr Mac says he is 5Ft 10 which tells you all you need to know about his tall stories. 5Ft 10 ha….in his dreams.


What’s going on in P4/5 in March?



This month in numeracy we are continuing our work with division. We are linking division to fractions and we are finding fractions of numbers.

We are finding the area of shapes by counting squares.

Primary 4 will continue to sharpen up their subtraction skills.


In literacy lessons this month we will be writing a “Space” story. We will be using all our writing skills.

We will be using paragraphs and editing our work looking for mistakes.

We will be writing instructions and making some delicious treats.

World Around Us

This month we will become “Map makers” 

We will draw plans and look at map symbols.







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