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Welcome to P2 /P3

 Welcome to Primary 2/ 3.  Keep up to date on what is happening in our classroom by reading our news articles and checking out the photos in the gallery.



What are we learning

September 2018


This month Mrs Mc Mullan's Yr 2/3 pupils are busy little bees already !!! They have hit the ground running with their topic " School's Cool" !! For the next 4 weeks we will be learning about many different aspects of school life. We will be exploring jobs in our school , mapwork relating to our school building , life at school and school long ago.

Already we have completed a tour of the school and located all the key areas. We are working hard to build a large 3D model of the building. We are also designing our very own dream classrooms and have set up Mrs Colhoun's office as one of our play Zones. In the next few weeks , we will be learning lots about how our school works and what life in school was like long ago. We will be using the apps on our iPads to record what we have learnt and give our opinions. Mrs Colhoun our school secretary and Barry our caretaker have visited us and told us all about their jobs. Check out the photos we took in our gallery !!!

Watch out for our class curriculum guide coming home soon !!! It will let you know all the key areas of learning we will be exploring this year!!!

Take a look at the new photos of the work we have done so far in our gallery !!


October 2018

"Our 5 Senses"

Its October already and we can hardly believe a month is over in Mrs Mc Mullan's room!! The new month means a new topic for us and this month we're learning all about our senses. Through a cross-curricular approach , we will be exploring taste , touch , smell , sight and hearing . We have planned to do several investigations to test how good our senses really are. There will be a taste test , smell test and touch test as fun areas during play time. We will learn about the parts of our eye , ear and tongue to understand how our senses work.

We will be writing about our senses and using the "My Story" app to record our knowledge. We will also be developing our word processing skills through our topic.

Check out our cool " 5 senses " rap we have learnt and watch out for lots of photos in our gallery throughout the month !!!


November 2018

" Light & Dark"

As the dark evenings draw in , the time has come for Mrs Mc Mullan's gang to explore the topic of Light & Dark. It will be another busy month of activity , investigation , fact finding and fun. We have already planned and set up lots of interesting  areas of learning in our room. A " Dark Den" is providing a sensory zone to explore light, shadows , darkness and how our senses are heightened in the dark. We have set up a Light shop to buy and sell items which give us light. We are exploring sources of light at our cutting and sticking area and have lots of topic related jigsaws to complete. We are also developing our programming skills through the use of our Bee Bot robot. Our crafts area is buzzing as we make lanterns and paint lots of light sources.

Our focus for Science is "Circuits" . We will be learning how to build a simple circuit to light up bulbs for our lanterns.

In Literacy we are exploring topic poems and stories as well as learning facts about nocturnal animals such as Owls. This will lead to work on animation through use of our iPads with the help of The NERVE team who are closely involved with us this year in developing ICT in our school. Look out for our photographs and video clips throughout this month showing the wonderful work and movies the children will be creating.






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