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St Josephs Tyrella

Welcome to P1/2

September 2018

Welcome to all our new P1’s as they begin their exciting new journey with us.

  • Cohen ,Aidan ,Riley ,Grace ,Jessica ,Aoife ,Mia Rose ,Molly ,Megan ,Tyia

All About Me!!

This month in our classroom we will be learning all about ourselves. When we were a baby and all the stages we have come through in reaching P1

  • How to care for a baby
  • What does a baby eat
  • Staying safe
  • How to dress a baby
  • A visit from a mum with her new baby

World Around Us

Identify similarities/differences about me, Understand that we change with time (baby – Toddler),Learn names of body parts/uses

Numeracy P1

Pre- number skills,Matching, sorting, ordering, sequencing and patterns,Concept of numbers, 0,1,2,3

Numeracy P2

Concept of numbers to 10,Counting to 20,Practical grouping number games,Doubles, adding three numbers, odd/even


Listen to stories/poems through big books,Listening centre activities,Shared reading,Phonics,Pre-writing activities,Pencil play/independent writing,ICT work,Letter formation

Literacy P2

Linguistic Phonics,Developing sentence writing skills,High Frequency Words (HFW) recognition,Reading skills developed



Our topic during this month will be focussing on “Autumn.”

The children will be developing their knowledge and skills through a variety of play experiences including:

  • Fruit and vegetable shop/weigh with scales
  • House corner introducing real cooking utensils
  • Making hedgehogs
  • Pattern making using fruit/vegetable
  • Paint Autumn pictures
  • Float / sink – vegetables in water trya
  • Healthy foods / not healthy foods
  • Sorting leaves
  • Topic books corner

Through the World around us we will be learning about Autumnal changes, characteristics of Autumn, colours of leaves, the weather and through our Autumn walk. We will also be learning about the clothes we wear in Autumn.


November 2018

 Houses and Homes.

The children will be developing their knowledge and skills through a variety of play experiences including:

  • Home corner – kitchen, living room, bedroom, laying the table for meal time, having a party, cooking cleaning, baking etc and role play associated with these jobs.
  • Bubble painting
  • Play dough – make tophats and food for house corner
  • Make houses – cereal boxes
  • Lego/mobilo – build houses
  • Build models of our homes
  • Cutting / sticking – matching objects to different rooms
  • Home linked jigsaws, puzzles and games
  • Stories / rhymes / songs with house / home them

In the WAU we will learn about:

  • Different types of houses
  • Materials used
  • Know names of different rooms
  • Know names of different animal homes

Numeracy we will:

  • Sort utensils/cutlery for shape, size, colour
  • Develop concept of capacity through sand and water
  • Use money in our shop

Literacy we will:

  • Have access to books about homes
  • Goldilocks / Three little pigs / Town mouse and the Country mouse
  • Write shopping lists
  • Retell a favourite story
  • Write about a favourite character

As usual in our P1/P2 room it is very busy as we enjoy learning everyday

December 2018

Our topic for the month of December is Christmas .

During Structured Play sessions we will be -:

  • Dressing up in the Grotto,
  • Wrapping presents,
  • sorting the special letters and Christmas Parcels,
  • writing cards and labels.
  • Making Christmas decorations, angels, trees, stockings
  • making a crib for baby Jesus.

Literacy hour will allow us time to Read and listen to lots of Christmas stories. We will also be writing our ‘Santa letters’. We will be busy little Elves helping Santa in his grotto to help develop our oral language skills. Hopefully Malachy (the Post Man) will call and safely deliver our letters to the North Pole. It is a very exciting place to be in the P1/2 Classroom, as we count down to Christmas and watch for the Sparkle in the sky. Every day we will be watching to see the little elves fly over Tyrella to check that we are being good!!! 



January 2019

Our topic in P1|P2 this month is all about winter.

We will learn about

                               Winter Weather

Winter clothes and keeping warm.

In world Around Us we will learn about the different types of weather and keep a daily record about the changing weather and Understand that water changes in different conditions { ie water –to-ice}


We will sort random collectives of materials.Use money in our winter shop.Build with 3d shapes.


Enjoy a range of winter storybooks.Use books to find out info about what clothes we wear in winter weather. Ask and answer question .Read fiction and non fiction books about winter . We will learn winter poems and songs.We will build self-confidence from good relationships and learn how to respect others. As usual a very busy time in P1|P2 classroom!!

February 2019   “Our Pets”

This month in Mrs Boyd’s room we will be learning all about Pets.We will be finding out about -:

  • Our Favourite Pets
  • How to take care of them
  • What they eat,
  • Where they sleep

We will set up a vet surgery to help them if they are sick.

Then we will use our money skills in a pet shop, to buy special food and fun play toys for them.

If you think that is all, Mrs Boyd might bring in her own pet…Mr Paddy the dog!!!

It is going to be very exciting in our room.!


Working With NERVE


On 27th November Year 1/2 enjoyed a wonderful day exploring animation skills on their iPADS. Jennifer from the ICT NERVE Centre joined us for the day to work in collaboration with Mrs Boyd and the children.

P1 and P2 enjoyed a great day working on the App ‘I Sequence’. They sorted pictures of stories and put them in the right order. In so doing they have completed early filming making tasks appropriate to their age. Take a look in our photo gallery to view what we did.




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