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Pancake day really crêped up on us this year.

5th Mar 2019

Did you hear the one about the angry pancake? He just flipped!

Happy Pancake Day!

Yesterday, while P6 were enjoying their morning with Newcastle Primary School, our P7 children were kind enough to get to work on some instructional writing in their literacy lesson. They not only created a shopping list for Miss Colhoun, to make sure they had all the ingredients, but they also created step by step instructions for us to follow today.

We have included some pancake recipes in the gallery for you all to try at home tonight.

You batter believe we had a great cookery lesson today, creating the most delicious and calorific pancakes you have ever seen.

We hope you have fun tossing pancakes around the kitchen this evening, and remember, if someone asks;

"What is the best pancake topping?" the answer is always "MORE PANCAKES!"