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50th Anniversary Dinner Dance. Friday 1st February. Please contact office to order tickets. | Staff Development Day 24/9/18: School is closed for pupils on Monday 24th Sep. due to staff training.
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Welcome to P1/2

During the month of May P1 and P2 will be learning all about The Hospital.....


Finding out about the role of the Doctor, the nurse, and health care people. We will identify and name various parts of the body. The importance of a healthy lifestyle. To understand the language of comparison eg, long, short, using bandages. Sequence the events of a hospital routine.

In the role play areas we will bandage and take care of our ‘sick’ teddy bears. We have a reception area too as you wait for your appointment.

In literacy we will ask and answer questions to access information about the topic. We will use puppets to express feelings about being ill or helping others. Have opportunities to experiment with writing using a variety of tools eg. Perscriptions, appointments charts, get well cards etc.    



The Farm and Farm Animals.

The children will be developing their knowledge and skills through a variety of play experiences;

  • Shop – A farm shop selling milk, butter, cheese, eggs, fruit and vegetables. They will be using money.
  • Role play - Dress up as a farmer
  • Act out a story, ‘Mud Walk’ – Mrs. Wishy Washy
  • Learn about the Adult and baby animals
  • Living and non-living things on a farm
  • Farm life, crops and machinery.
  • Safety on the farm
  • We will paint farm animals/tractors/diggers etc.
  • Make farm animals out of clay/dough
  • Junk art – make a farm scene
  • Grow sunflowers and measure their growth.
  • In the ‘World around us’ we will learn about
  • How the weather affects crops on the farm
  • Where do animals live on the farm
  • How do they get fed/cleaned
  • Know the different names of animals
  • The jobs of a farmer
  • Visit from a librarian to talk to the children about farming long ago


  • Sort seeds
  • Compare size and colour of animals
  • Use money in the shop, change from 10p
  • Measure how much the sunflower grows

Literacy - We will have access to books about;

  • Farm animals/baby/adults/Farmer Ted/Mud walk
  • Write about Mud Walk
  • Write about jobs on the farm
  • Narrative writing


February                                         Lighthouses

This moth we have been learning about ‘lighthouses’

  • What makes lighthouses work
  • What are lighthouses used for
  • Reading the story, ‘Lighthouse Keepers lunch’ and writing about it
  • Making our own lighthouses

We have also been learning about speech bubbles.

We have also been recalling the main events from the story, by asking and answering questions about the story.

We have also talked about the characters, the setting and the author.

We will be visiting St. John’s Lighthouse and we will eat our sandwiches there just like Mr. Grinley in our story.


January 2018

Winter Weather

Our topic in P1|P2 this month is all about winter.

We will learn about

Winter Weather

Winter clothes and keeping warm.

In world Around Us we will learn about the different types of weather and keep a daily record about the changing weather

Understand that water changes in different conditions { ie water –to-ice}


We will sort random collectives of materials

Use money in our winter shop

Build with 3d shapes


Enjoy a range of winter storybooks

Use books to find out info about what clothes we wear in winter weather

Ask and answer question

Read fiction and non fiction books about winter

We will learn winter poems and songs

We will build self-confidence from good relationships and learn how to respect others

As usual a very busy time in P1|P2 classroom


What are we learning this Term....




Our topic this month is all about ‘Colour’. We will be learning about different colours, mixing colours/light dark colours – cold / warm colours.

In literacy we will be reading stories about Elmer the colourful elephant, the Gingerbread house, The day the crayons stopped working and The rainbow fish

We will make lots of different things in art using food colours and shaving foam/ coloured chains / marble playdoh/ rainbows/bubble footprints and many more

In our number / topic we will make patterns using 2/3 different colours / with playdoh cubes and beads etc

We will make colourful shapes / soft colourful materials and pictograms for favourite colours.




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